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please do not upload this or any other of my file packages on any other site!

please respect my wishes! thank you!

if you find any of my nexusmods mod file packages on any other site it is

definitely an unauthorized copy from and uploaded without my permission!

if you think about to disrespect my wishes or to download my mods from a 3rd party site please watch this first:

this is my maryl ningheim follower. to preserve as much details as possible and to reduce download size i created this follower as a ningheim race dependent follower. i use unp body mod but it should work also with cbbe option. i hope you like her as a follower!

you will find her in morthal in the moorside inn

she is marriageable, essential and she has healing and ningheim abilities.

by default she uses studded armor, glass bow and fineclothes outfit


you need:

– skyrim.esm

– update.esm

– racecompatibility.esm

– ningheim race

i recommend:

– ningheim race unp option

– my cutefingers seamless unp body mod (see images)

– advanced follower tweaks for perfect armor and clothes customization options

if you need a strong follower option let me know

have fun sharing your skyrim adventures with maryl

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