Masculine and FAR Argonian Texture Combo

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I loved both the Masculine and F.A.R. textures and didn’t want to have to choose between the two… so I combined the best of both textures together! Basically, it’s the F.A.R. torso overlayed on top of the Masculine Argonian body (for extra scaly goodness!). Belly buttons & nipples have been removed to make the Argonians look slightly less mammalian.

Note: You MUST have Masculine Argonian Textures by MONSTERaider already installed and then overwrite with my new textures. This ensures that the body will correctly match the head and hands.

Feminine and FAR Argonian Texture Combo

Includes 3 Files

* Nude male body skin texture – 2K

* Normal map – 2K

* Shiny scales specular map – 1K

Note: Created for Vanilla body only.


* Masculine Argonian Textures (Lizard) by MONSTERaider (


* You MUST have Masculine Argonian Textures by MONSTERaider already installed.

* Download and manually extract my texture files into your DATA folder and overwrite old files. (Proper file path is DATA/ TEXTURES/ ACTORS/ CHARACTER/ ARGONIANMALE)


* You can overwrite my files with MONSTERaider’s original textures to revert back to the regular Masculine Argonian Textures at any time.


* Please do not re-distribute or share these file by any means and in any places.

* You must get permission from the original mod authors (MONSTERaider and redtox) before you are allowed to modify these files to improve it.

* Yes, I did acquire the original mod authors permissions before I created this mashup.


MONSTERaider for Masculine Argonian Textures

redtox for Forgotten Argonian Roots

tzarbaby000 for Argonian – Khajiit FabULook Eyes Stand Alone

nerdofprey for Argonian High Tails

artifex0 for Argonian Raptor Feet

VectorPlexus for Brutish Argonian Male (not currently an active mod on Nexus, sorry)

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