Masters Of The Universe Castle Grayskull

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I always wanted this place so now i have it so figure why not share and maybe inspire someone else like i have been to use creation kit.

This is my first true mod done on creation kit so im sure some of you would do a better job but i will be updating it as i learn more on how to script and so on(im currently on the basics)

If You Use The Trap Door You will find some Swords And A Key To A Area Im Going To Follow On From Etheria But Atm Im In Eternia Currently Doing Evergreen Forrset To Start. You Can Find The Portal Entrance Near Riverwood Across The River. He-Man Is There too you can look key from him or from outside the door floor.

again this is my first mod im woeking on learning what goes where and so on on creation kit and its been 2 weeks now so hopefully more folks and so on will be added in time


Appart from me making this from scratch i have used my She-Ra Sword which i asked for permission to tamer with before  so i have used it again and wanted to thank the autour of the He-Man Sword

Venarez   –  He-Man Sword

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