Masters of the Universe Mounts – Battle Cat and Panthor

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[font=Trebuchet MS]Masters of the Universe Mounts[/font]

Riding out from the mysterious wilds of planet Eternia, new large cat mounts have arrived in the lands of Skyrim. Coming from opposing sides of the ancient conflict between good and evil, they have set aside their differences to work with the Dragonborn for the betterment of Tamriel.

This mod adds four new cat mounts from Masters of the Universe:

    [*]Battle Cat: fierce, armored, green and yellow tiger of He-Man,

    [*]Panthor: savage cat of Skeletor, purple and armored like Battle Cat,

    [*]Panthor: again Skeletor’s cat, but without armor,

    [*]Cringer: cowardly alter-ego of Battle Cat.

Like many people, I have fond memories of MOTU from my childhood and would like to see them played out a bit in Skyrim. When I came across tumbajamba’s armored sabre cat mount mod, I was inspired to retexture it to bring Battle Cat and Panthor into my game. I couldn’t find any finished, released mod that do so – so here’s one for everyone.

[font=Trebuchet MS]THE CATS[/font]

Battle Cat and Panthor are slightly larger than standard sabre cats, have fairly strong stats, and are level 50. Panthor comes in two variations, one with and one without saddle armor. The difference is just cosmetic. The stats are the same for all three cats.

Cringer has lower stats and a smaller size to reflect the difference in strength from his alter-ego. He weighs in at level 25 and half the stats of the other cats. He will also run from combat unless he’s stronger than the enemy, where Battle Cat will stay in a fight unless very outmatched.

All of the cats are located near Honningbrew Meadery outside of Whiterun.

[font=Trebuchet MS]COMPATIBILITY & KNOWN ISSUES[/font]

Armor Texture Replacers:

MOTU Mounts has been designed to be independent of other mods and textures as much as possible. This means you don’t need to install other mods for this to work. It also means that MOTU Mounts uses a new texture path, so Elven armor texture replacers will not affect Battle Cat or Panthor as they would tumbajamba’s armored sabre cat.

Honningbrew Meadery Outskirts:

MOTU Mounts could possibly conflict with any mod that alters the landscape or places new things around Honningbrew Meadery and across the river from it. I’m not aware of any specific conflicts at the time of release; if issues are reported I may see about moving the cats around.

Swimming and Other Custom Mount Mods:

When riding a custom mount into water, you may encounter an issue that causes the player character to appear to be swimming in mid air above the mount. This is due to Skyrim lacking mounted swimming animations for some creatures. Most mount mods work around this by disabling the swimming animations for their mounts. There are different ways of doing that, resulting in some mods breaking another’s fix. MOTU Mounts uses a work around that should apply to *all* sabre cat mounts, regardless of what mod adds them, without affecting non-mounted cats. Make sure MOTU Mounts is below other sabre cat mount mods in your load order.


The cats’ bodies can clip through saddle armor in certain positions and animations, especially on the flanks around the ribs. I’ve reduced the clipping as much as I can, but anything more is currently beyond my ability to fix.

Regarding Skyrim Special Edition:

I have no plans to port this mod to Skyrim Special Edition at this time. My current PC doesn’t meet the requirements to run Special Edition, so I can’t test anything in that environment. If you want to port this mod to Skyrim Special Edition, go ahead. Drop a link in the Posts section of the mod page and I’ll include it in the description somewhere if I see it.

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