Mature Skin for CBBE – UNP – Vanilla

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SE version here

This is a reupload of Maevan2’s Mature Skin for CBBE, UNP and Vanilla.

Maevan2 left permission for share his work here[/url].

What I have changed

Added UUNP Special compatibility to the UNP textures

Added the blankdetailmap from Fair Skin Complexion that fixes the green tint

Compressed uncompressed specular maps to BC4

Downscaled the head specular map from 4K to 2K when choosing medium quality

Made two pictures with all textures sizes, you’ll see them when choosing what quality you want

Forwarded USLEP race records into the complexions ESP[/size]


Compatible body meshes for the version of the skin you download


Install with a mod manager (Recommended)


Uninstall with mod manager (Recommended)

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Thanks to Maevan2 for the original Mature Skin

Thanks to ousnius and caliente for labia resources

Thanks to HHaley for the fixed blankdetailmap


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