Mealtime – a Food and Recipe Mod

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Jaxonz Positioner[/url] to move and lock them into place – otherwise you may have trouble with the collision.

Also, if you use many mods that add foods to vendors/ingredients please use wrye bash or mator smash if the new items don’t seem to show up often.

I tried to add only items that hadn’t been made in any mods before, and to add as few new ingredients as possible (because it’s awkward to have 50 different recipe mods adding sugar). Therefor, most of the recipes utilize vanilla Skyrim, Dawnguard, or Solstheim ingredients, which gives you new justification for your ingredient-hoarding habit.

You can use many of these new items in your house mods, but make sure to link back here and also to check the credits and permissions tabs and credit any models there that you use. Many of the new models were ones I made, but the resources I used generally require that you credit them if you use them.

Requires all expansions.

Special Thanks:

EpicCrab for the split slices script.

aulie/Elza for Melt in the Mouth, which I used on all the cakes!

Everyone who make a request for a food item

All the mod/model resource authors in the credits tab!

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