Medieval Century Arabian Knight armor and weapons

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Medieval Century Arabian Knight

armor and weapons 

Crafting & Tempering:


The weapons and the armor can be crafted with the steel Smithing perk 

To make them Head to the nearest forge, in the way grape some leather, leather stripes, steel ingot, and firewood.

As for Tempering you need some steel ingot

the waepons are :

– arabian knight (sword ((one hand)) – dagger – bow – arrows )


the armore are:

– arabian knight ( boots – Bracers – Helmet – armor – shield  ) 

(( the are all light armor’s ))



Under mod tab of Nexus Mod Manager, select add new file and activate.

Drop the files

(MCAK-Armor and Waepons.esp / MCAK-Armor and Waepons.esm)

into your skyrim data folder directory, 

Activate the. esp (launcher or NMM).



– Dual Sheath Redux

Just Run the Dual Sheath Redux Patch.jar file and click patch

(to make the shield appear at your back)

Tools used:



– Adobe Photoshop 

– ShaderMap 

– NifSkope

– OutfitStudio

– Adobe Illustrator

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