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This is Mei from Overwatch. I don’t play Overwatch, so I’m not too familiar with her. I watched a video on youtube to try and get an idea of her. She seems like a smart and kind so I sort of went with that when making her and trying to make her fit in the universe of TES. Since she’s all about technology and ice, I figured an ice mage would work best for a variety of attacks. Bu i wanted to keep her as a smarty pants scientist. So, she uses dwemer tech as well. So she has a modified Dwemer staff and her robot pet, Snowball is a summonable modified dwemer spider.


Mei Ling was a part of a research team exploring some old dwemer ruins. Unfortunately they were ambushed by falmer and were driven further into the ruins where they ran into hostile dwemer automatons. Her team members were killed off one by one until it was only her left. She survived by using the dwemer scraps around her and developing new items to fight her way out. She even reprogrammed one of the automatons to aid her in fighting her way out. The falmer were easily driven away with fear from her new found abilities thanks to the dewmer tech she developed.

A few years later, she’s now settled in Skyrim dedicating her time to studying the dwemer and their old tech. Her work is delicate so she’s often found in Whiterun getting assistance from the best blacksmith around at the Skyforge.


Mei-Ling Stats

Gender: Female

Voice Type: Female Younger Eager

Body: Custom UUNP Special Body

Class: Techno Ice Mage

Combat Style: Destruction Magic with modified Dwemer Staff. Summons a little robot.

Likes: research, ice cream, snowball

Dislikes: being left alone, falmer


Skyforge in Whiterun



XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS

HDT Physics


Relationship Dialog Overhaul

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