Miishelvenwarriors Hair and eyes mod

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I created some of these hair models  

 in Blender from nothing

Please Do not be rude or disrespect me in the comments tab.

I am less than half way trusting you all to be nice but more than half of me doesn’t trust people

. ((Miishelvenwarrior))

NO FEMALE STUFF except 2 styles for Khajiit female.

no argonians and I didnt work on bigger heads such as nords or humanoid races.

all were made for elven men and Khajiit.

3d modelling is hard work so I work like a snail lol


some hairs were Conversions made by Ren’s mods from Oblivion.

textures are edits of mine from Ren hair mods.

all eyes were edited in paint net by me. they were based off the eyes of beauty mod  texture template

Some styles were inspired by Alienslof mods.

the ponytail styles sort of zig-zag lol but if you are not picky they are fine. 😉

if you use this mod on other websites please credit everyone I mentioned including Me because I saw my mods being posted on a chinese website

I am not angry just please for the love of all that is good. 




I dont bite I really don’t lol I cant even punch anyone. 

me is gentle.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98898

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