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This gives the default human eyes more of life’s beauty and variety while seeming natural in Skyrim.

It is a simple set of repainted textures — based on the eyes from Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy.
This is a port from Special Edition.
Installation Use your preferred mod manager or, if you prefer a manual installation:

 — Move/copy the “textures” folder from this mod into your Skyrim “data” directory, overwriting existing files if needed.
Compatibility If you use Mild Eyes along with another mod that replaces the same textures, one will take priority over the other with respect to your load order, but that will NOT cause any gameplay issues or crashes. Recommendations Natural Eyes by nevenbridge81

 — A great complement or alternative which replaces the eyes of all playable races. To use both, let Mild Eyes overwrite Natural Eyes.
Quaint Eyes by nicostein (myself)

 — An alternative if you almost liked Mild Eyes but felt the lighting was wrong. Quaint Eyes was created while using NAT instead of ENB.
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy

 — The foundation for Mild Eyes, and an good alternative. It also (primarily) replaces female skin textures.
Eyes AO Clipping Fix – (the optional “Ruhmastered” version) by Artsick, Ruhadre, and others

 — Fixes many eye-related issues and is compatible with eye retextures like this one. Let it overwrite mods that have eye meshes.

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