Mirai Yamato – Standalone Akaviri Warrior Follower

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Wahuku」 by jibunn

Akaviri Follower Reiko Redux」 by Jiro (Steam)

Kankaraya」 by KANRAx2

Blades Bikini Armor」 by nisetanaka

Fudou Myouou Katana & Tachi」 + 「Jumonjisou Chidori」 by cnyylzy123456789

Nakahara – Akaviri House[/url]」 by Elianora


・Mirai uses a standalone UNP body (Nevernude) and custom textures—an edited mashup/mire of textures (that I’ve all but lost track of this point) that I edited together using GIMP and DXT1BMP. 

・She is marriageable, essential, uses the ‘Female Even-Toned’ voiceset, and will 1:1 level scale with the player.

・Also included are a Racemenu preset and import-able headmorph, should you wish to play as Mirai instead.




RaceMenu[/url]」 by expired6798

Enhanced Character Edit[/url]」 by tktk1

Dimonized UNP Body[/url]」bydimon99

UNP Nevernude[/url]」by Elianora

KS Hairdos Renewal[/url]」by Kalilies

Salt and Wind[/url]」by jasperthegnome

FlansEyes for Skyrim[/url]」 by dustinflan

「Standalone Follower Tutorial[/url] & Starter ESP」by Skyla



・Creation Kit

・GIMP 2.6

・Niftools (Nifskope & Nifmerge)

・DXT1 BMP Manipulator

One last thing—the armors and weapons in the screenshots aren’t included

Some I’ve linked above, but some I edited myself, and I can’t really release those

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96902

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