Mistmarch Estate- Player home in riverwood

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Mistmarch is a player home in Riverwood. Typically inhabited by a mage, also a home fit for a warrior. With usable mannequins, crafting stations, and ingredients or other items that could help you start your game off quicker, or just give you a nice place to hang your uniques.

Mistmarch includes:

– Two fully functionable mannequins

– Fully functioning display cases and weapon racks

– Forge, workbench, and grindstone

– Alchemy station

- Includes numerous respawning resources

– Enchanting room

-Includes acquirable soul gems of each type.

– Player safe storage for your valuables

– Bookshelf

– A bed (Of course)

– A fenced off boundary to keep out unwanted NPC’s 

– Two horses, owned by the player

– Stables

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98946

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