Mizzji Standalone Follower A Mature Woman

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A Mature beautiful mizzy assassin by your side. 🙂 

Maybe she does not look mature. but I use other mod plugins to make her face. which I am composing with a young beautiful bod


WhiteRun dragonSearch

my mizzia. he has a strong ebony weapon and an arc that he stole from a drunk XD hunter

in the future, how the mod will be more popular and will like it the most. it will be scripted with papirusUI

Now I did not have time to construct a Mods MCM for Mizzia I’m Sorry 🙁 

But soon I will release another mod, which unfortunately alone. ALONE xd  🙁 I’m working on MCM would help a little help 🙂 Rissa Voiced Follower help is that I do not have a female voice XD

Ok, I will not be lamenting XD I invite you for my other modifications 🙂 Greetings soon

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96460

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