Moderate Normals and Specular maps for Demoniac UNP

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I personally love the Demoniac body texture but I could never choose between the beautiful but somewhat over the top for every single npc sporty normal map and the rather bland no muscle option, it’s the same story with the at times extremely reflective glossy specular and the totally matte one.

So I quickly went into Gimp and blended them together, the normal is 50/50 and the specular is 75% no gloss, 25% gloss. Resolution, format and compression are the same as the highest Demoniac options and I personally really like how it turned out. For anyone who might see it the same way I’m now uplading the files here, giving it a try can’t hurt. You can use any diffuse map with these but I would recommend Demoniac since that’s where the sources come from and it’s a great body texture to begin with. Just install my file second or overwrite everything if you’re using a mod manager.

All credit goes to Regenbot03 for Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K and the creators listed under his credits of course.

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