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This mod is for people, like me, who want to use cooking in their gameplay, but don’t want to spend too much time on trying to combine ingredients with each other, dealing with the left-overs etc. Just get the minimal quantity of the same vegetable, fruit, or enough pieces of meat, extract the valuable nutrients and use them to restore you health, magicka or stamina!

I’m playing with unpaused game menus and I cannot eat 50 apples in the middle of a fight. That’s why I prefer converting these apples into a concentrated potion before I go adventuring. Also with this mod I can convert weak potions into stronger ones. And, because I play without passive regeneration, I consume a lot… So, I’ve made this mod to make the hole process as convenient and as quick, as possible.

The mod does not remove anything. You’ll still have the vanilla recipes.

Other options:

– Turn ‘Restore Health’ potions into ‘Restore Stamina’ or ‘Restore Magicka’ and vice versa, ‘Restore Stamina’ into ‘Restore Health’ etc.

– Turn cheese wedges into cheese wheels (with 12:1 ratio)

(Clicking 5 times is easier, than clicking 60 times, when you try to get enough nutrition from cheese in the middle of nowhere…)

The recipes will show up in a cooking pot if they are activated in the MCM-menu (SkyUI is required) and if you have enough ingredients. 

Here are the recipes:

Leeks (70)

Apples/potatoes/tomatoes/carrots (50)

Cabbages/gourds (25)

Goat legs (8)

Rabbit legs / chicken breasts (20)

Horker meat (3)

Clam (50)

Beef (5)

Honey (15)

Dog meat (10)

Horse meat (5)

Mammoth snout (1)

Pheasant (17)

Salmon (20)

Venison (5)


Boar meat (5)

Ash Yam (33)

Ash Hopper leg (30)

Ash Hopper meat (25)


Chicken eggs (35)

Other bird eggs (25)

Slaughterfish eggs (40)


DLCs and SkyUI

Install, Uninstall, Compatibility

There are only recipes and the MCM-menu in my mod. Install/uninstall whenever you want. Should be compatible with everything.

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