Monster Facial Animation (MFA) – Legendary Edition

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Special Edition

This mod adds facial animation to werewolves, werebears and vampire lords. This works by giving aforementioned creatures genuine facegen headparts that are now separate from their body meshes.

Now they will actually blink, and move their lips when they’re talking. (Pardon the fact that I haven’t gotten to record actual footage of Harkon yet)

This mod comes with a version that has been integrated with Diverse Werewolves Dollection.

If anyone want to make a showcase video of this mod, be my guest!

And if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a PM, as I nowadays refrain from reading my comments.

Known issues:

There might be neck gaps, especially on werebears, I might fix that in a later update.


Q: Will you extend this lipsync feature to more creatures?

A: Nothing planned, really. When I started making this mod, it was only intended for werewolves, but by popular demand I decided to extend phoneme to vampire lords and later on werebears. But for now I won’t develop it any further, I’ve already had a long break from modding.

Q: Is this compatible with mods that add new body meshes (for example La Femme Lycana)?

A: A female mesh is already included, but it doesn’t have weight scaling, the way I “programmed” this mod.

On a sidenote, if you’d like this mod to go with a mesh that adds naughty bits or fur, you can open said mesh in NifSkope and remove the head part branches (such as face, mouth and eyes), then choose “Save as” and replace the body mesh located in “meshes/actors/<creature name>/character assets/body”.

Q: Is this compatible with Monlight Tales?

A: Technically yes, if you disable the skin system with the Ancient Ring/MCM menu. And unfortunately the facials from this mod doesn’t work on the skins from MT, because they are applied just like armor, while my mod uses genuine headparts. However, I’ve included an optional patch that prevents duplicate werewolf/werebear heads when the player is using a skin.

Q: I’m using an alternate skin for the werewolf or vampire lord, what next?

A: Try to load your skin mod after my mod.

Q: Are you gonna make a patch with facial animation for alternate skins? (for example Bat Vampire Lord)

A: Right now I’m uncertain. It takes plenty of editing in Blender, so as for now I’ll keep the covered beasts at their vanilla aesthetics.

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