Moolgogi Karliah Replacer

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This Mod changes Karliah’s face appearance only, not standalone.

And she follows your own resources(Body & Head texture and mesh), so it may look different in your game from the screenshot .

So you can use with no problems whatever body types, body texture you are using.

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Moolgogi’s Follower Bell Moolgogi’s Follower Dragon Credits Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team 

ECEE – RANs Enhanced Character Edit Enhancer by RAN46 

Enhanced Character Edit – More Body Sliders by Septfox 

KS Hairdos – Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic 

Mikan Eyes by nerune 

numenume femalebrows MARO by numenume  Used in Screenshot PureSkinTexture by  regenbot03 BD UUNP Armor and clothes replacer by baddog1978

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