MoonWitch Costume

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This mod is base on Jeongseok lee’s digital painting. You need keep at least one volume ”Twin Secrets” in your inventory to craft this costumes which includ

1 Hat

1 pair of opera gloves

1 pair of high boots

1 clothing or robe or whatever you call it (upgradeable, the enchanting scale with your level)

at any blacksmithing workbrance.

It’s fun to model gorgeous painting like this one, i finished most of the modelling & texturing in 2017, then i got some health problem and family issue. Dont worry, nothing serious. Now i’m slowly recovering, it’s time to  finish this mod.


Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-

HDT HighHeels System  

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended – XPMSE


· HDT-SMP(HDT Skinned Mesh Physics Object) for cloth physics


·JeongSeok Lee……. For the splendid masterpiece.

· Caliente ……………….CBBE is my favorite body, BS support? Not so much.

· Niftools Team………For all these exellent tools, i cant live without nifskope now.

· Nexusmods………….The best platform in my mind.

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