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This mod relocates and improves two of the bandit camp locations from the mod More Bandit Camps by skillest (note that mod is required for this mod to work, see requirements below).  The original MBC mod gave us a lot of additional bandit camps and overall was good addition to Skyrim, but not everything quite worked.  This patch mod addresses a few of those issues.  I created this mod mainly for use with Sexy Bandit Camps by Blackbird Wander and that is still its main purpose, but that mod isnot required to use this mod and it works fine even if you aren’t usingit (buy why wouldn’t you want all those cute captives to rescue? ?)

Camp Steadwatch Formerly located near Rorikstead it’s location threatened travel on the road as well as conflicting with several other mods.  I relocated the camp to a new spot below Fort Sungard where it is better concealed, can watch traffic (but not constantly attack) on two roads, and is more defensible for the bandits.  The location is fully navmeshed and cleaned.  It features a larger camp, additional bandit archers, and hidden cache’s of loot scattered about the camp.  The original location was restored to its vanilla Skyrim state, including the original navmesh and landscape, any other mod using that location should be loaded after this patch.


Camp Snowfall Formerly isolated and difficult to even reach it was not clear to me what purpose this camp was supposed to serve.  It featured a named NPC that wasn’t actually a bandit but was living in the camp.  I’ve moved the camp to a cliff top overlooking Dragonsbridge where it is far enough away not to draw aggro or conflict with mods like ETaC[/url], but where the bandits have a clear view of the town an traffic on the bridge.  The camp has six bandits plus the named NPC.  The NPC was nerfed and given bandit factions to make him more of a strong bandit mage rather than… whatever he was (I also changed his voice type so he can speak bandit dialogs now).  As with Steadwatch the camp is fully navmeshed and cleaned, defensible and mostly concealed (you have to look hard to see any part of it from Dragonsbridge).  The original camp location was returned to its vanilla state.


Camp Redfox The camp map marker was corrected so it is no longer “hostile”.  Renavmeshed the camp and made it easier to navigate as well as fixing some navmesh errors.  Camp is in the same location and is the same size.  Also added a fast travel marker so you land near the camp rather than in the middle of it.


Camp Wakefield The original camp was completely removed and the surrounding area returned to its default state.  The camp was moved into a new original cave nearby with a small group of bandits there.  A little bit of backstory was developed, you can get clues about some events by reading the bandit leader’s journal. 


New Original Camp Added a brand new camp to the mod.  I’ll leave it a surprise as to where the camp is and what its called, but I tried to blend it in with the not just the location but the game setting as well.  It should provide those doing the main quest with a new twist.  The camp is about the size of what I did at Steadwatch, so expect a solid fight (in testing they took down a dragon on their own!)


Requirements: You must have the explorer version of MBC for LE


Installation: Just drop the esp in your load order after MBC.  There are no scripts or anything in this mod so it’s very low impact on your save game.

If you are using mods like Pirates of the North, make sure they load after my mod for best performance.


Mods Using this Patch: Sexy Bandit Captives by Blackbird Wanderer

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