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Isn’t it weird having the same cloned horses at each stable?

Why are there no herds of wild horses? Why no baby horses in Skyrim?

Wouldn’t it be great if all these lovely saddle mods could be used on more than just my horse?

Yeeaaaah, I thought so too!

Now you can have all that, and some extra stuff too! 😀


    [*][font=Roboto]Two wild herds[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Six foals[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Twenty+ new saddles/barding[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Thirty+ new horse skin textures[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Five new unique ‘special’ horses[/font]


    [*][font=Roboto]New enhanced vanilla skin textures for player horses[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]More diverse starter saddles for player horses[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]New textures for the carriage horse[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]New unsaddled horses at stables[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]New meshes for different horse types (Eg. Light, Draft, Warmblood)[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Unique Frost textures and saddle[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Unique Shadowmere[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Faction horses (Companions, Bards, Thieves)[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Armored horses for war camps[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Forsworn horses[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Hunter’s horses[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]New mesh for Arvak (He’s now an undead warhorse!)[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]Two spectral horses[/font]

    [*][font=Roboto]A ghost horse[/font]


[font=Georgia]FREQUENTLY [/font][font=Georgia]ASKED [/font][font=Georgia]QUESTIONS[/font]


Can I change the name?

  Most of these horses have unique names already, but if you don’t like them try Jaxonz Renamer.

Can I tame them?

 This mod does not add the ability to change ownership, own multiple horses, or make horses into permanent player horses.

 For this, you’ll need a mod like 
[/font]Convenient Horses or Immersive Horses![font=roboto]


[/font]How does the ownership work?[font=roboto]

 Some horses are free for the taking.

 Other horses can be tamed… 
If you can catch them!

 Some horses are owned by NPCs.

 Other horses are earned by joining a faction and/or increasing your rank with that faction.


What if I want that horse, but it belongs to someone else?

 Open console, click on the horse, type 

Why are these horses following me…?[font=roboto]

[/font][font=roboto] If you take a mare that has a foal, the foal will follow her.[/font]

[font=roboto] If you take the stallion of a herd, the whole herd will follow…[/font]

[font=roboto] If you don’t like this, open console, click the following horses and type [/font][font=Georgia]disable[/font]

I have the horse, but how can I get a different saddle?

 Open console, type in
[font=Georgia]help saddle,[/font] [font=Georgia]help barding [/font](for the full body armors), help bridle (for bareback), or help shadowmere (for Shadowmere’s daedric barding), pick the one you want from the list. (Use PgUp/PgDn to scroll console window)

 Click on the horse, type in
[font=Georgia]additem xxxxxxxx 1[/font] ( xxxxxxxx being the FormID number of the saddle you picked), then [font=Georgia]equipitem xxxxxxx

[/font] Sometimes it doesn’t show up right away, if so, exit the console for a second, then open it again and re-enter equipitem xxxxxxx

Note: If using CH, you must first switch the horse to its ‘original equipment’, if you had previously changed it through CH menus.

You ruined Arvak!

[/color][/size]I thought these were questions?

You ruined Arvak?

 …There’s an optional file under misc files to give him and Charon stick legs again. Those poor little legs! 🙁

Where exactly are the special ones?

 What, you want to ruin the surprise? Go look for them!

 I’ll give you some hints! If hints aren’t good enough you can click the spoilers… 😉

  …Ghost horse, Charon?

 He lives in a graveyard… Surprise! 

 Good luck catching him though, he spooks easily. (haha, get it? …Sorry.)

 Where is the largest graveyard in Skyrim? 


He’s in Falkreath, behind the Hall of the Dead.

…Spectral horse, Khione?

[font=roboto] She’s a water/ice horse, and lives in/around some shallow frigid water. 

 Since she’s spectral, chances are she was probably made by mages a long time ago…[/font]

She’s under the bridge to the College of Winterhold.

…Nightingales’ horse, Veles?

[font=roboto] He will only spawn once you’ve joined the nightingales. Near the other spectral Nightingales…[/font]


He’s wandering outside of the Twilight Sepulcher, but only after Nightingale Hall has been restored.

…The Unicorns, Aras and Shadhavar?

[font=roboto] According to TES lore, unicorns are sometimes brought to Tamriel by the Daedric Lord Hircine, from his hunting grounds.

There is only one altar dedicated to Hircine in vanilla Skyrim…

They’re wandering just outside of Glenmoril Coven.

[font=Georgia]MORE DIVERSE HORSE STATS[/font]

Each type of horse has been given stat bonuses based on their breed!

Here is a comparison so you can decide which horse type suits you best!

(The additional horses added by MH usually go in whichever type their coloring is closest to. Eg. Dark coat = Black, Light coat = Palomino, ect. but there are some exceptions.)

Note: Confidence levels can be changed with your horse management mod if you don’t like them!

Which Horse…?      Speed Stamina HP Confidence Damage

Solitude, Palomino..  ”The Runner” +20% +50      +200 Cowardly    -10%

Markarth, Black’nWhite… ”The Hunter” +15% +100    +250 Average      +5%

Riften, Grey… “The Jack-of-All-Trades” +10% +150    +300 Cautious     +0%

Whiterun, Black..  ”The Warhorse”    +5% +200    +450 Brave   +10%

Windhelm, Brown….. “The Workhorse”    +0% +250    +400 Cautious     -5%

The unique horses have been given more significant bonuses!

Their starting levels are vanilla, but they will also level with you at .75 the rate.

Which Horse…? Speed Stamina HP  Level  Confidence Damage

Frost     +30% 300  900 25+  Cautious  -10%

Aras      +25% 400  1000       10+   Cautious  -5%

Khione         +25% 350  1300       10+   Average  +0%

Shadhavar  +20% 350  1500      10+  Brave      +10%

Veles +15% 500  2000      30+   Brave     +20%

Shadowmere    +15% 450  2500      50+   Brave     +30%

Arvak   +5% 10000     1000 4+     Cautious      +0%

Charon         +5% 10000     1000 4+     Brave    +0%

Most of the other named horses have also been given slight bonuses on top of their type bonus, but not as significant.

They will also level with you, at .5 the rate.

[font=Georgia]GIDDY UP![/font]

This is an Optional File, to increase horse movement speed in general! IH also does this, but at different rates, and doesn’t include sprint turning.

Movement Type.. Vanilla IH GiddyUp

Walk     125 280 125

Run       450 500 550

Sprint    600 800 975

Sprint Turning*  90    90  200

Swim    210 210 250

*What is Sprint Turn Speed? Get on your horse and try to do a 180 while sprinting. You can’t.

Now install Giddy Up and try again! You still can’t. That would be unrealistic! But you’ll see what I mean!

You can make significantly sharper turns than before while sprinting!

No more missing the turn when running down those bendy roads!

[font=Georgia]COMPATIBILITY AND LOAD ORDER[/font] Load before More Horses…

Any general ‘Creature/Wildlife’ mods or anything else that may include horses but is not specifically for horses. (Eg, SkyTEST, Wild World, etc…)

Your horse management mod, either Convenient Horses or Immersive Horses.[font=roboto]


[/font]Load after More Horses…

[font=roboto] Any horse replacers (Be sure to also get the Allow Vanilla Retextures patch, under misc files, if replacing vanilla player horses.)


Any Arvak/Shadowmere/Frost replacer Note: These will likely overwrite MH’s custom meshes for these horses.


Load anywhere…

[/font] Craftable Horse Barding[font=roboto]



[/font] Faster Horses [font=roboto] – Compatible, But you may want to check out the Optional File Giddy up instead, it increases horse speed as well, but also includes sprint-turning speeds.[/font][font=roboto]

[/font] Realistic horse saddle [font=roboto] – Nope. It would break some of the other saddles/barding that use the same textures/mesh.

[/font] Horse Armors [font=roboto] – Not necessary. All armors(Aside from Frost’s) from this mod have been included(with fixes) in MH, and can be equipped using the console(See above).

[/font][font=roboto] Any mod to make Shadowmere/Frost essential – Unnecessary. They have already been made essential in v2.0+ of MH.

If there’s any other mods you’re wondering about, leave a comment and I’ll take a look![/font]


Thank you to these wonderful authors for their work! 

(All used with permission!)

Original horse skin textures from AlienSlof‘s Slof’s Better Horses[/url]

Horse foal mesh from Fierymarigold‘s Foals of Skyrim

Saddles from Laup26‘s More Saddles

Barding from mystikhybrid‘s Horse Armors

Additional barding made from from tumbajamba‘s modders resource optional files, released with his mod Armored SabreCat Mount[/url]

Fixed/Enhanced saddles from mitchalek‘s Convenient Horses

Enhanced Arvak textures from Faelrin‘s Arvak Texture Replacer

Unicorn mane/tail/fluffies from Holugar‘s Unicorn[/url]

Note: I made a lot of modifications/adjustments to make everything match properly, so what you see in my mod may not look exactly like the originals!

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