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I no longer play SLE since SSE is way more stable. While this is a working back port it is not ported by me. Updates will come slower then the SSE version and are going to be solely reliant on the voluntary work from an anonymous individual who is providing me with back port  versions of my mod. If he wishes to stop I cannot help it.

You can find the SSE version HERE!


So you’ve downloaded Interesting NPC’s, Inconsequential NPC’s, Patrols, Travelers and you have the Populated series going on.  You love having lots of NPC’s.  But then when you go into the tavern at night, you see it; all of them huddled together by the door because there are not enough available objects and markers with which they can interact.  This attempts to alleviate that issue; it places more markers to allow npc’s more options to sandbox in inns.  This also allows innkeepers to eat while they are working, because they get hungry, too.

Compatible with Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul (and highly recommended, make sure my mod is immediately below it)

Installation Instructions: Drop the file in your skyrim data folder and make sure it is selected in your load order or mod organizer

What’s New!


-Slightly corrected previously placed animations in major city inns.

+Corrected/improved Navmesh for said animations.

-Added new actions and animations for Rorikstead.

+Improved Navmesh for Roriksteads inn.


-Removed ESL flag until I will no longer update it.

-Fix several noticeable visual bugs.

-Added more animations and task into Roriksted Inn and moved minor objects.


-Esp is now flagged as ESL for more space!

-Removed animations and markers that conflicted with my ported version of Perseid9’s Realistic Room Rental Enhanced[/url] making them both now compatible! No more leaning against invisible walls.

-Added new animations and markers indifferent areas of the inns. 

-Cutting Room Floor and Realistic Room Rental[/url] are NOW hard requirements for this version and must load prior. Let LOOT do its thing.

-Made minor improvements to the Riften’s The Bee and Bard and other inns.

Future Updates:

-Future improvements to other untouched inns.


Untouched – Slightly improved – Improved – 

Volkihar castle, Jorvaskarr, Dragon Bridge, Kynesgrove, Rorikstead, Soljund’s Sinkhole, Fort Dunstad, Ragged Flagon, The Katariah

All the taverns in the large holds

Bannered Mare (Whiterun), Candlehearth Hall (Windhelm), Silver-Blood Inn (Markarth), Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood), Windpeak Inn (Dawnstar), Winking Skeever (Solitude)


-While the mod was build upon the original it had been improved and is a stand alone, the original or a separate port is not required.

-If you noticed any animations and markers that I may have missed, please report under BUGS section with a link to a screenshot (your preference on site), read prior to avoid double posting.

Credits and thanks to RJinthematrix for the orignal idea, mod and permission!

Check out RJinthematrix other mods!

Thanks to Brodual for the feature, starts at 4:39

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