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This mod was originally made for Special Edition, but thanks to user R.A. Salvatore, I was able to have this mod tested, and it is now confirmed to work for Oldrim.

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Okay, listen up, motherfuckers, because I had a problem! Spell tomes are way too damn cheap in Skyrim!! Well, I take umbrage to this!

Vanilla Usage:

You just joined the College of Winterhold, and all of the spell tomes are dirt-cheap. Compare this to real life: you go to college, and you have to spend a fortune on textbooks… Your textbooks at the College of Winterhold are so cheap that it RUINS muh immersion! On top of that, magic is a luxury in Skyrim; most of the province is inhabited by wizard-eating, magic-fearing, numbskulled Nords who have absolutely ZERO magical talent, so it only makes sense that spell vendors have to charge more to make money off of a smaller group of buyers, especially since magic is, as I said, a luxury.

Intended Usage:

I initially made this mod for my own personal usage, and I was not going to publish it, but I decided to publish it for anyone who feels the same way I do. Recently, I installed a mod called Spell Research, and it is a great mod that adds a fantastic way to learn and improve with magic; however, there is very little incentive to use this mod because it consumes resources, and why would you use resources when you can just buy spell tomes off of vendors? So I installed another mod that was recommended on the Spell Research mod page called No Spell Tomes as Loot From Vendors, and it removed all of the tomes from the inventories. Another mod that was recommended on the Spell research page was Dynamic Item Repricer, but it didn’t work for me (when I tried it in Special Edition, which was the version this mod was originally made for), AND I’d like to change the value of the tomes based on usefulness and skill level rather than just changing it uniformly, all based on the parameter of “spell tome”. With Spell Research, you can craft spell tomes with time, mental energy, and resources, but there’s absolutely zero incentive to do so because spell tomes are not valuable, so crafting them is a big waste of time. I wanted to make a profit from crafting them, and because they are super rare with the mod that removes them, supply and demand states that they’ll be more valuable: there are court wizards and mages at the College of Winterhold who need the spells, but they might not have the time to create them, but they are super rare to just find, so the demand for them is high, while the supply is low, so you can charge the mages to death for them!


-Why couldn’t you test this mod’s functionality in Oldrim yourself, you lazy sack of shit?

Because I have Enderal installed over 2011 Skyrim right now, so I couldn’t test it even if I wanted to.

-Will you make a version that does not require the DLC?


-Isn’t this a bit unbalanced?

Go fuck yourself

-How did you make this mod?

I went into the C.K. and added 1-2 zeros at the end of the value for every spell tome within Skyrim, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn

-What determined the value increase?

I briefly mentioned this in the “intended usage” section of the description, but it’s based on usefulness and skill level. If there was an insanely useful spell (I.E. paralysis) I multiplied it by 100, but if it was pretty useless (I.E. any ward spell) I multiplied it by 10. If it’s a master spell (I.E. blizzard), I multiplied it by 10 because those things are already 1000-2000 gold in the base game, so 10000-20000 is a huge number. The only exception to that rule is Mass Paralysis because that spell is so damn powerful.

-How did you have the patience to do that?! Are you a god whose time is infinite?

No, Skyrim has fuck-all in spell variety; it took me about 20 minutes to do

-Do I need the two mods you named in order to use this?

Are you fucking illiterate? Read the first part of the description!

-Will you make a patch for [insert x magic mod here]?

No, I do not have the time or the patience, so fuck off!

-Do people really ask these questions?

No, I just felt like calling this section “FAQ” for sharts and chortles

-Why would you make them so valuable if vendors cannot afford them?

Because reasons… I actually don’t have an answer that can apply to everyone, but for me, I have my ways with mods to let me sell them at those values

-Why the vulgarity for the description of a simple mod?

Because fuck you, that’s why.

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