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Morganna Blackthorn. A Breton, born and raised in High Rock. Third in line to the Northpoint throne, as Grand Duchess. Daughter of Irene the Great and Timothee the Powerful, rulers of the Grand Duchy of Northpoint, they are the most powerful rulers and of the kingdom of High Rock. Her father preferred his first two sons since one of them is going to be the one who leads Northpoint sooner or later. Not wanting to waste any more time in her homeland, she left, seeking power and knowledge. She heard of all the ruins in Skyrim, the cold Nordic land and it is there that she went. There she studied with the Mages from the College of Winterhold. Not for a long time, only a few shorts months. She went here and there, never staying somewhere for too long, the moment Helgen was attacked, she was in Riverwood for a time. She took a decision that would forever change her life, she heard the rumors of the Dragonborn and decided to help that chosen one to bring death to all evil dragons.

Location: Riverwood

Body: UNP


Voice : YoungEager

Combat type: Mage


The eyes of Beauty by Lograam

Bijin Skin for Unp and CBBE by rxkx22

Better makeup for SKSE by Diethardt

Brows by Hvergelmir

Better female eyebrows by Kalilies

Maevan2’s eyebrows by Maevan2

ApachiiSkyhair by Apachii

KS Hairdos-Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic

Dimonized UNP body by Dimon99

Witcher 3 Female Armors UNP by ZZJAY

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