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A small estate “Mountain Manor” is located to the west of the village Shor’s Stone. There are 5 variant estate to choose from: Collector’s House, Hunter’s House, Wizard’s House, Gardener’s House, The Hut. This estate will be available to the player after completing the quest. “Author’s Letter”. The player can choose 5 variants for the estate.

Variants of estate:

Manor Variants:

– Variant 1. This house is for those who collect weapons, armor and other things that can be found in Skyrim. In this variant of the manor there are 30 mannequins for armor or any other attire, as well as 121 racks for various types of weapons and many different containers and stands.

– Variant 2. This variant of the manor is suitable for those who like to hunt different animals or creatures. In this house there are several trophies of creatures who that inhabit the expanses of Skyrim and under its lands.

– Variant 3. This variant of the manor is suitable for magicians, sorcerers, alchemists, or those who are fond of magic. In this house there is: a pentagram of souls an alchemical laboratory and the creator of the staff, as well as various containers with various ingredients, souls stones and other things. In addition, there is a room in who there are several bookshelves with various books and spell tome, several shelves and containers with scrolls and with various recipes.

– Variant 4. This option is suitable for alchemists and gardeners, as it has three greenhouses, where you can plant and grow almost anything you want, regardless of the cold climate of Skyrim.

– Variant 5. This little hut on top of the mountain. She is ideal for those who do not like large buildings and prefer to live away from the city bustle and village problems. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

How to start the quest:

Find the author’s note in a tavern, in city: Whiterun, Solitude, Markarth, Riften, Windhelm.


– Different containers and common bookshelves;

– 5 manor variants to choose from;

– Weapon racks and mannequins;

– All crafting stations;

– Fully navmeshed;



Install / Uninstall:

Copy files from folder to game folder / Before uninstalling mod empty all containers and exit interior cell.

Created by:

Suspicious Face Mods (Nick Jensen)

Contact Us:


– This mod was done to enhance the experience and test our skills. If start, then start with something small!

– We can not yet port this mod to Skyrim Special Edition, because we do not have Skyrim Special Edition. As soon as it appears, we immediately port this and our subsequent mods to Skyrim Special Edition.

– You can help us with this, if you have a version of Skyrim Special Edition and you know how to port mods to it, then you (if you wish) can port our mod “Mountain Manor” to Skyrim Special Edition, but at the same time, be sure to notify us about it!

– Thank!

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