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[font=Comic Sans MS]Bulk crafting – with proper XP gain.

For you smiths who are tired of getting Carpal Tunnel from grinding Iron Daggers.

3 bulk crafting options – x10, x100, x1000.

Each option crafts a chest that contains all the items.

 (Single item recipe)x(Bulk size) + 2xFirewood + 1xIron ingot.

Only vanilla items (yes, with DLCs). Current items included:


[font=Comic Sans MS]Daggers: [/font][font=Comic Sans MS]Iron, Steel, Orcish, Dwarven, Elven, Nordic, Glass, Ebony, Stalhrim, Daedric, Dragonbone.[/font][/spoiler][font=Comic Sans MS]

Note: A version compatible with CCOR is available (different recipes based on the individual requirement).

Also a few added items:

[font=Comic Sans MS]Daggers: Skyforge, Dragon Priest.[/font][/spoiler][/size][font=Comic Sans MS]

How to bulk craft in 7.2 easy steps:

1) Go to a forge.

1.1) Activate the forge.

2) Go to the misc. section.

3) Select the desired bulk crafting option.

4) Craft it.

5) Open your inventory.

5.1) Go to the misc. section.

6) Use the chest you just crafted.

7) Congratulation, you received all your items.

[/font][font=Comic Sans MS]



[font=Comic Sans MS]FAQ:

[/font][font=Comic Sans MS]

Q1: Why would I want this?

A1: … Enjoy crafting hundreds of items one by one. Unless of course you’re not planning on crafting.

Q2: What does “proper XP” mean? Are we being cheated out of XP?!

A2: Yes and no. Short explanation: Math, dis mod gud for u.

Full explanation:[/font]

[font=Comic Sans MS]The Smithing XP formula works so that crafting X amount of items at once gives considerably less XP than crafting X items individually. To quote UESP:[/font]
XP gain for smithing an item follows the following formula:

XP = 3 × item value^0.65 + 25.

Because of the flat 25 XP for each item created, it usually is of greater benefit to craft many cheap items than few valuable items. For example, making 5 iron daggers requires 5 iron ingots and gives (38.4 × 5 =) 192 XP. Making one Iron Armor uses the same amount of materials but yields only 94.2 XP.
[font=Comic Sans MS]

[font=Comic Sans MS]By crafting these chests you use the same amount of items as you would in a regular bulk craft (plus 2 Firewood and 1 Iron Ingot – don’t be stingy), but also gain the same XP as would by crafting each item individually.[/font][/spoiler][font=Comic Sans MS]

Q3: Why make a chest of items and not just a bulk crafting option?

A3: A2 – Full explanation.

Q4: Why do I need to add 2 Firewood and an Iron Ingot?

A4: Chests don’t come out of thin air. Stop being such a cheapskate! Iron Ingot barely cost anything and Firewood is practically free!

Q5: Why do the chest outweigh the total weight of the craft by 10?

A5: Everything has weight. Not a Yo Mama joke.

A6: Holy shit! Why are the chests worth so much?!

A6: A2 – Full explanation. Now can we please drop the chest questions…

A7: Couldn’t I just sell the chests and make an unfathomable profit and buy everything and everyone cuz the chests cost like 0.5-2 million because of all the reasons you listed and become super powerful and max out my Speech just from crafting simple chests?

Q7: No.

Q8: Halp! I can’t see the crafting options!!!

A8: It’s intended to be so. The mod contains an automatic hiding mechanic so the misc. crafting area won’t get too cluttered. They will appear as soon as you have all the necessary items for the crafting (in your inventory…).

Note that they will appear even if you don’t have 2 Firewood and an extra Iron Ingot to remind you that YOU NEED 2 FIREWOOD AND AN EXTRA IRON INGOT.[/font]

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