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Ever wanted your enemies to actually FEEL what it’s like to get shot in the knee? Are you a fan of Spongebob and their version of the Wilhelm Scream? Are you bored of the vanilla death sounds? Looking to spice things up with a bit of comedy? Then this is the mod for you. This mod adds a modifiable chance that NPCs (humanoids) and creatures (non-humanoids) will scream the iconic “My leg!” line made famous by Fred the Fish from the TV show Spongebob Squarepants

Also available, Roblox OOF version:

Credit to the original mod author (miken700) that gave me the idea for this and the former mod:

This mod is compatible with both of them.


Variables can be modified using console commands to adjust how often NPCs and creatures scream “My leg!” upon death.


– open the console (“~” or tilde key in the upper left)

– type “help MyLegChance” (without quotes) to view the current values and aids in finding the correct spelling of the variables.

– type “set MyLegChanceNPC to 50” to set NPC chance to 50% and so on. (capitalization isn’t important but I did it here for easy reading)

– type “set MyLegChanceCreature to 50” to set creature chance to 50% and so on.

– close the console (the same key used to open the console)

– the settings will be saved when you save your game

- it might take a while to apply to NPCs already near you. It will apply immediately to newly spawned NPCs (or you can just use the command “recycleactor” on a target you just killed and they will respawn with it)

Chance modifiers

– MyLegChanceNPC

– chance that humanoids (Humans, Elves, Khajiits, Argonians, Orcs, bandits, soldiers, forsworn, etc) will scream “My leg!”

– Default is set to 40%. Can be set to 0 (disabled) to 100 (100% chance)

– Any changes will be saved in that playthrough. If you’re starting a new game, you will have to set it again.

– MyLegChanceCreature

– chance that creatures (draugr, animals, trolls, giants, atronachs, dremora, non-NPCs, etc) will scream “My leg!”

– Default value is set to 0% (they don’t really talk much so I disabled it but you can make it happen). Can be set to 0 (disabled) to 100 (100% chance)

– Any changes will be saved in that playthrough. If you’re starting a new game, you will have to set it again.


Should be compatible with Mikken700’s Scream of Wilhelm mod and my Roblox OOF Death sound mod. I use all three of them in my playthroughs and they work fine.

If you have this mod and either of the former two (or both) and you set them all to 100% chance, the game will cycle between the three of them.

This mod is compatible with More Painful NPC Death sounds ( They don’t overwrite each other, as far as my observations go.


Install via NMM or MO (I use the latter). You can also install manually by extracting the files into the Skyrim Data folder.


Use your mod manager to uninstall the mod. For manual installations, you can delete them. There are no scripts in this mod and it only uses vanilla dialogue events, but you can use a save game cleaner if you desire.

Permission Notes

This mod wouldn’t be possible without mikken700’s original mod. He/she has declared it as public domain. Feel free to do with it as you wish.


– Nickelodeon (for Spongebob, duh)

– Online Audio converter: (I had to convert mp3 to wav instead of just renaming the extension to get it working)

-User AceOcrinas of for uploading the audio file for free use (

– Mikken700 for providing the original mod

– Bethesda

– Nexus mods (

Original URL:

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