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This mod aims to make you feel the game different ( always the same music … kind of boring after hundreds of hours ) and more ambient and sometimes a little crazy . ( found some new musics i have to experiment them in game ) 

I asked permissions and tryed to ask , and i got a few positiv answers, for the other musics, they are from big block busters, so i don’t even try to ask, you can find them on youtube anyway and make your own sauce. Some others are classical, and some others from bands who don’t exist anymore. 

So thanks a lot to :

Antti Martikainen

Derek Fiechter

For the others, please forgive me to borrow your music ( no DP for me on this mod, if anyone complains, the mod will be hidden ) For amateurs you’ll find great music like ” the name of the rose” ” the last mohican” “the postman” ” le pacte des loups ”

And enjoy 🙂

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