My Ugly BackPack

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There are two versions of the backpack available – enchanted and un-enchanted.  Both can be constructed at any forge, the un-enchanted version for 3 leather and 3 leather strips, and the enchanted version costs an additional 5 filled grand soul gems.  Yup, that’s expensive, but you get what you pay for, and you got to spend your money on something.

Construct at any forge under leather

The enchantment == plus 50 carry weight


Equips to slot 57 [/b]so if you have anything else that equips to that slot they can’t be used at the same time.

Should work with all body types – male and female.

If you want to get them with console command just open the console and type

Help Ugly and you will see the two FormIDs.  Use console command player.additem formid# followed by the quantity you want. 

It will look something like player.additem 10000D63 1 with the #1 on the end being the quantity.

Known issues:  after equipping or un-equipping the enchanted version of the backpack in the inventory window you wont see a change in your carry weight until you close the inventory window and re-open it.



I’m just hoping I didn’t screw anything up.  I haven’t uploaded anything in a few years and I’ve forgotten how to do a lot of it, so fingers crossed.

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