Mytho – A Melody of the Arcane Racemenu Preset

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What’s this? Another preset? Oh, joy!

That’s what you’re supposed to say, anyway.

He’s an Imperial, so make sure you load the preset as that race.

And like always, you’ll need a few things to make him look like the screenshots above.

For the clothing/armor in the screenshots:

For the face, you’ll need:

Now for the quick, “how to install” section where I try in vain to make this interesting:

    [*]Download the main file.

    [*]Throw “MotA – Mytho.jslot” file into the skse/plugins/Chargen/Presets folder. Or, if you’ve added subfolders to organize your presets, put it wherever you want in there.

    [*]Start the game.

    [*]Open the character creation menu. You can do this through the console command, “showracemenu.”

    [*]Make sure you’ve chosen the Imperial Race.

    [*]Select the Presets tab from Racemenu.

    [*]Load the preset named “MotA – Mytho.jslot.”


How to Uninstall:

    [*]Delete the file, I guess. You probably know how to do this already if you made it this far, though.

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