Nature’s Lure Subtle Edition – Throw Voice replacer patch for USLEEP

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This mod overwrites the Throw Voice audio files added by USLEEP for the following VoiceTypes (1 file each): FemaleArgonian, FemaleElfHaughty, FemaleKhajiit, FemaleOrc, MaleArgonian, MaleElfHaughty

Instead of throwing insults, your voice mimics creature sounds to create a distraction.


    [*]If you have subtitles enabled, text for the vanilla insults will accompany your animal noises. You can download the No Subs file from the original Nature’s Lure page.

    [*]Save yourself a plugin slot: USLEEP makes redundant the “Nature’s Lure – Mute Races Addon” optional file.

    [*]Support for USLEEP has been discontinued as of May 2019 and the team is focusing solely on USSEP. The new throw voice lines are included in the USLEEP BSA even though the audio file path says “unofficial skyrim special edition patch.esp”.

    [*]Audio files from LE are compatible with SE. The file paths are exactly the same between USLEEP and USSEP.

    [*]If you don’t like the sound I picked out as the replacer, you can swap the fuz file with another sound provided by either the original or subtle edition of Nature’s Lure. Be sure to rename your sound of choice to “voicepowers_throwvoiceline_00500d62_1.fuz” in each VoiceType folder added by USLEEP.

Before – After audio demonstration


Natures Lure – Throw Voice Shout by Krail3r

(No more Childish Throw-voices) Natures Lure Subtle Edition by CookieDynamics


Empowered Throw Voice (and Undetectable Whispers) by mithiisbored

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