Nazeem’s Wintersand Manor

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Finally, everybody’s sore-in-the-eye Nazeem has something to be proud of. He and his wife Ahlam are now happy home-owners. 

Thumbling through the game’s assets, I came accross a key to Wintersand Manor in Nazeem’s inventory, but the house itself was nowhere to be found. 

It must have been a conent Bethesda initiated but left unfinished. 

I took pity of Nazeem because of the amount of hate pouring on him from the game’s fans. He is not a bad guy, but it would be good if somebody brought him down a peg or tow. 

So, here is my first ever, quick and dirty mod adding a house behind the Bannered Mare that is proudly called Wintersand Manor. 

To tell the thuth, I simply duplicaed Carlotta Valentia’s home and placed Nazeem’s family there. I also added a Nord orphan boy Norrin they took to their home to work for food and shelter. 

I played around with Nazeem’s and Ahlam’s AI packages but still unsure if they function correctly. I am even less sure about Norrin’s packages. So, I would appreciate any advise, criticism or actual assistance. 

I am not sure if I will ever work on this mod again, so if you like the idea, you are welcome to take up and continue the development, just give me credit please. 

All asserts in the mod are vanilla, so you don’t need any DLC to run it. 

Thanks Bethesda for the wounderful game and Creation Kit. 

My heart-fed thanks also go to developers of TES5Edit. 


Alder Dean

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