Nemo’s Convienent Chests

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Places a number of Convenient Chests in most towns and cities. these chests are empty, unlocked and do not respawn. useful for temporary storage, especially if you dont have a player home in the region. may also facilitate player trading when skyrim together mod comes out.

none of them require any quest to access (besides the one in high hrothgar)

chests are located in:

Dawnstar: next to the Inn

Falkreath: near one of the Gates (south i believe, but ill double check)

Markarth: next to the door to Understone Keep

Morthal: next to the jarls longhouse

Riften: next to the Well

Solitude: next to the well

Whiterun: next to the well

Windhelm: in front of the palace of kings

Winterhold: next to the front of the bridge to the college

Dragon Bridge: just in front of the bridge

Ivarstead: next to the bridge heading to High Hrothgar

Karthwasten: near the cliffside

Riverwood: next to the tree on the middle island

Rorikstead: on the cliff next to the path

Shors Stone: on a rock outcrop across from the mine

High Hrothgar: next to the campfire behind High Hrothgar

3 of the 4 orc camps: (i forgot to place 1 at Dushnikh Yal): just outside, near the gate or along a stone wall. should be near the path.

to do list:

DLC towns/locations

pictures of the locations

if you have a request to add one to a location, let me know

this is my first mod released to nexus, check out my other mod on steam workshop here: (may post to nexus if enough people request it.)

look out for a future release of a more major project soonish: “Craftable Enchants”

i will post a SE version when i get around to it, focusing on Craftable Enchants atm.

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