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SE Version[/font][font=Georgia]Description[/font]

Lilith is the first follower and mod I’ve ever made. I gave it my all to make her as fun as possible with vanilla mechanics and very limited knowledge of Creation Kit. Really! It’s the first time I’ve ever used the Creation Kit. But don’t worry, I’ve tried my utmost best to keep it as clean as possible. I wanted to add way more features regarding dialogues while staying completely vanilla but I’ve already taken so much time to even create the basics. Maybe for another time.

She’s based off of Undeadgoblin’s My RaceMenu Presets, which I have asked permission for of course, and edited their character with my own preferences to finally have a sort of unique looking character I’m really happy with.

She’s fully standalone, which means you won’t have download anything else. Just download and active. Easy as that!

Please message me if there’s anything wrong with the mod. I’m still learning!

[font=Georgia]About Lilith[/font]

    [*]Race: Night Elf (NordRace for compatibility)

    [*]Age: 26

    [*]Weight: 23

    [*]Personality: cheerful and shy

    [*]Class: Thief

    [*]Location: The Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.


    [*]Perks: Light foot

    [*]Can be asked for a random potion or some septims every 6 hours.

    [*]Can sing anywhere anytime up to three (vanilla) songs.

    [*]Completely vanilla, no DLCs needed, any follower mod will work.

    [*]Voice type = FemaleYoungEager



    [*]Just SKSE[/url]


[font=Arial]- Download the packed version for ease of use


- Download the loose version should you wish to edit her files


With Mod Managers

    [*]Install the mod using any mod manager like NMM [/url]or MO2 and active

    [*]Enjoy 🙂


    [*]Download the mod

    [*]Extract the files to your Skyrim/Data folder

    [*]Enjoy 🙂


There’s a minor issue I couldn’t fix. When she plays the lute and the player walks away, she’ll follow the player and cancel the lute animation but continue singing. I negated this by restarting the lute animation on every dialogue. The issue is that you’ll briefly see the animation reset on every dialogue. It was either that or her making the lute sounds without a lute. I choose the lesser of two evils.


You can not (re)upload my mod anywhere else without my permission. If you want to, you can always send me a message. 9/10 chances I’ll say “Go for it” as long as you give the correct credits. It’s common courtesy. 

You can edit/change any assets you’d like. Hence the loose version 🙂

You can use her for social media (screenshots, videos, etc).


Kalilies – KS Hairdos – Renewal for the hair style

Caliente – Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition[/url] for the body mesh

HHaleyy – Fair Skin Complexion for the skin textures

Foxfingers – Amorous Adventures for the custom vanilla dialogues

Mekasaa – Dragon Age Dalish Vallaslin Face Tattoo’s for the white warpaint

Undeadgoblin – My RaceMenu Presets for the base of the follower

[font=Georgia]Special thanks![/font]

NanasShit (blog [/url]& flickr[/url]) for the beautiful screenshots

Mismadoodle for the beautiful screenshots

Candoran2#6891 (Discord) for helping me with basic scripting

SailingRebel [/url]for helping me with basic scripting

My favourite image made by NanasShit 🙂

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