Nightingale Armor buffed to Dragonscale quality with optional new combat enchantments

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There are 2 versions of the mod:

Version 1: Buffed to Dragonscale quality while KEEPING VANILLA ENCHANTMENTS.

Version 2: Buffed to Dragonscale quality with NEW, BALANCED enchantments more suited for and combat rather than sneaking.

Here are the OPTIONAL new enchantments (these REPLACE the vanilla ones)

Hood: Shouts regen 20% faster and Resist Magic. (resist 10% at levels 1-18, resist 15% at levels 19-31, and resist 20% at levels 32+)

Cuirass: Increase the amount of magicka and stamina. (get 25 extra points at levels 1-18, get 50 extra points at levels 19-31, and get 65 extra points at levels 32+)

Gloves: Increase one-handed and archery damage. (do 15% more damage at levels 1-18, do 20% more damage at levels 19-31, and do 25% more damage at levels 32+)

Boots: All spells cost less. (10% less at levels 1-18, 15% less at levels 19-31, and 20% less at levels 32+)

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