Nightingale Bow Replacer

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As low end pc gaming, i always avoid to have more ESP/BSA/ESM on my load order to reduce lagging while play, and replacing vanilla stuff is my project to keep my FPS at 40-60, so this friendly perfomance replacer mod is recommended for thos who has same problem with me, This mod simply change your Nightingale Bow with Auriel Bow, it has black textures, it compitable with any mod that modify auriel bow, it wont affect this mod, No stat or enchantment changes.

this mod are safe to instal/uninstal, it has no esp, it wont broke your save game 🙂

Please support my mod by endorse, or share, i would really appriciate it, and i will give you more and more replacer mod, cause to be honest i have many on my gameplay, i just randomly upload it

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