No Horse Goat Eyes

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This is my first time modding so I hope it goes well. This is a simple fix to something that has bothered me since Skyrim came out; namely, the fact that horses have goat eyes. Since nobody has ever made a mod that replaces the eyes (even on retextures) I finally decided to make a mod to fix the issue in my own game. Since it worked I decided to post it online for the 3 other people who are probably also bothered by the fact that Bethesda’s staff have apparently never seen pictures of a horse before. The assets used were the vanilla textures and the vanilla bear textures. I too the bear eyes, modified them a bit in photoshop and put them over the garbage goat eyes in the dds files. The eyes are dark brownish and seem to look fine with every horse color (to me anyhow). I also kept a red version of the bear eye for the black horse which should only show up on shadowmere.

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