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Adds a light, heavy. or clothes set, with 4 possible helmet choices in two colors. Uses vanilla textures where applicable but forces some

vanilla textures for arms/legs to due to conflicts that are described in

the required file section.

The Armors

Light armor

”Nord Mage” Uses the brown yarl textures and has the stats of scaled armor

with the same crafting requirements. Two helmet options of either hood

only or hood with open draugr helm.

Heavy Armor

”Nord Battlemage” Uses the Ulfric textures and has the stats of Steelplate

Armor with the same crafting requirements. Four helmet options. Hood,

hood with open draugr helm, hood with closed draugr helm, closed draugr

helm. The closed helm without the hood looks like a normal draugr helm

just with the added bits in the image.

Clothing. “Nord Mage” for brown and “Nord Battlemage” for Ulfric style. Only uses the hood for headwear.

No weight sliders because 3ds max was being a pain and deleting vertices on export when i told it not to.

Armor/Robes of a Nord Mage. Heavy focus on furs with some steel for added

protection. It doesn’t stand out especially as mage gear which helps

avoid conflict with the magic skeptic nords of the 4th era. What actual

robes are used are more associated with the nobility of skyrim and not

the prancing wizards up in Winterhold.


Was trying to make battle mage gear without using robes associated with

normal mages. It was a challenge because this still kinda looks like

something a warrior would use. Without the hood it doesn’t seem like

mage gear though.


-The robes still have a leather/steel look when using the clothing version.

My retexuring skills are lackluster especially when i only use

Retexturing the hood was pulled off by editing the uv map to point to the cuirass fur and not much texturing skill. It makes it

blend together no matter what textures you use. The mouth cover on the

closed helm is the uv map pointing to the ebony mail cuirass.


-There is some clipping with the pauldrons in the screen shot, but it doesn’t look that bad in game.

Requirements. There is no texture for female ulfric robes in the vanilla game. One

mod had requirements i couldn’t understand, so i just told the meshes to

use RUSTIC CLOTHING’S textures without putting them in this mod. The

problem was that rustic makes the brown male gloves a dull metal color

and there isn’t female boots for ulfric. The meshes instead link to

vanilla textures included in this mod with the only recolor being the

female boots.

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