Nord Warrior Spirit Power

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I felt like the Battle Cry Power did not do the Nords any justice as mighty warriors so I created this mod to add a new Spell Tome in the game which adds the Power of the Berserker Rage the Orcs have (Doubles your Damage and you take half damage from enemies) with the addition of restoring 200 points of your Stamina at the cost of 200 points of your Magicka, to balance things out and make it differ from the Orc Power. After all Stamina is more important for a warrior;p I also added a Damage Destruction effect for cosmetic purposes only as it doesn’t deal any damage to your Destruction. The Power lasts for 90 seconds and can only be used once per day. You can find the Spell Tome in Riverwood, on a barrel outside Sven and Hilde’s house. Enjoy! Victory or Sovngarde!

~Thank you, Poulli115

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