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Important Notes:

This ENB is not made from scratch, since i used many assets from other authors. I adjusted

the assets to work together and made them look different to fit my taste by tweaking them.

I got all of the needed permissions directly from the authors and so they will get credited on the

bottom of this page.

Nordic Lands ENB is used together with the weather mod Natural lighting and Atmospheric and the interior lighting mod Enhanced lights and FX with the Enhancer module. WARNING: If you dont use the Enhancer module the interiors will look too bright!

[/font][font=Georgia]To achieve the best results you should use these.


1)Natural Lighting and Atmospherics

   ONLY install the .esp file of it which can be found in the Data folder of the file!

   Otherwise it wont be compatible with my ENB.

2)Enhanced Lights and FX

   Install everything what you want from it but NOT the ELFX Weather module.

   Dont forget that this ENB is made for the Enhancer module so you probably need it.

   If you need even more darker interiors you can try out the Hardcore module from ELFX instead of the Enhancer.

ENB Binaries from the official page

2) Open the Wrapper folder of the binaries and take ONLY D3d9.dll and Enbhost.exe and drag and drop them into the Skyrim root directional.

    (There where the Skyrim.exe is, yes in this folder)

3) Download my files and place them into the same folder as you did for the binaries

4) Start the game once to automaticly create your own enblocal.ini for the ENB or use your chosen enblocal.ini from anywhere you find one you like

5) Its better you adjust your enblocal.ini so open it and find VideoMemorySizeMb= and set it to your own VRAM in MB. For Example: VideoMemorySizeMb=4096

6) Enjoy your game and play! EZ GG

Marty the Mudcrab



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