Nordic Pantheon – Gods and Goddesses of Skyrim – Illustrated book by Aqia Eluvys

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[font=Trebuchet MS]Let me introduce myself first. My name is Aqia Eluvis, I’m a Nordic traveler, writer and illustrator. I would love to encourage you to purchasing the first book of mine. It is called “Nordic Pantheon – The Gods and Goddesses of Skyrim” and it’s a one of a kind. It is a full colection of all Gods and Goddessess ever cultivated by Nords of Skyrim. Rich in illustrations, is a perfect fit not only for the youngest citizens of Tamriel.

By installing the mod you will not only gain access to the book. From now on I will personally appear in the city of Solitude to sell the books to citizens. I can proudly announce that except the possibility to admire a visual value of my book, you will be able to enhance your restoration skills by reading it.

[/font]* The mod is a part of a school project and it is not yet accomplished. The real author of the project is Klaudia Kwaśniak as Aqia is only a fictional character.

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