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More power, More get


Sorry, I’m Japanese. So, my English is bad


You want to get many ore or firewood. But it’s too much trouble, aren’t you?

This is game, so it’s should be light work. OK, I will respond to your request.

This is so simple MOD.

Endless mining and chopping, get more ore or firewood in proportion to One-Handed or Two-Handed Skill.

And, get One-Handed or Two-Handed EXP with mining and chopping. Chopping and auto mining is Two-Handed Skill, manual mining is One-Handed Skill.

Ah, forgot! Woodcutter’s Axe and Pickaxe can be improved.

Wow! It’s a great MOD!

HA HA You’re welcome, and give me Endorsements 🙂


Screen Shot : Thanks for ALL of MODDER.

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