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[font=Georgia][font=Georgia]BASIC INSTALLATION[/font]


Install the files d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the directory Wrapper into the main directory of Skyrim.

Then install my mod into the main directory of Skyrim in addition.


Here you will find a great tutorial from Sthaagg for general installation with many performance improvements.


For ENBSeries to work properly the following values must be set to 1 in SkyrimPrefs.ini:








The preset has been changed for Enhanced Lights on FX and Climate ofTamriel. There fore I recommend to install both mods. I don’t know how the

tweaks affect a pure vanilla set.




Install the Particle Patch All in one from Mindflux. Note the recommended loading order!

For the new effects in the ENB from version 0.366 this is very important because otherwise there can be bugs in the visualization.

Light in Dungeons.

In my opinion you must use a light source to explore dungeons.

[font=Georgia]ADVANCED INSTALLATION[/font] (Recommended Mods)

Ruins Clutter Improved

2.   Ultimate Fire HD

3.   Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM

4.   Noble Skyrim HD

5.   Enhanced Lights and FX (Interior, Enhancer, Exterior)

6.   Vivid Landscapes – All in One

7.   Rudy HQ Nordic Ruins

8.   Real Roads

9.   Enhanced Vanilla Trees

10.  Verdant – A Skyrim Grass Plugin

11.  Realistic Water 2

12.  Climate of Tamriel

13.  Obsidian Mountain Fogs For Legendary Edition


Part 2 – Skins

1.   Pride of Valhalla – Super HD Skin Set

2.    Better Males


Part 3 – LOD

1.    Dynamic Distant Objects LOD- DynDOLOD



A support becomes a bit tricky. i have no idea about programming (i am a total amateur) the fx files and put everything together in detail. So it seems to be better to get help from the true professionals on Boris Vorontsov’s site in the many forums. Nevertheless I try to answer every question with my little knowledge. Since I am in a full time job and have little time this can take some time.




enbseries by Boris Vorontsov


BloomShader for ENB by soulwynd

·        Tweakable Bloom shader for ENB


AdvancedDepth of Field 3.0 DX9

·        McFly’s Depth of Field for ENB – Skyrim LE(DX9)

·        (Copyright(c) 2008-2018 Marty McFly / Pascal Gilcher)



·        GUI Elements and Basic Structure from Rudy102’s enbeffect file

·        [HLSL CODE] 3D LUT by Kingeric1992

·        Dithering by Kingeric1992

·        SPELL EFFECTS by Mangaclub


3D Filmic LUTs by Kermles


Sunsprite (enbsunsprite.fx) by Kingeric1992


Sunsprite Ressources by Veeblix andKingeric1992



·        Based on Post-Process Effects Addon for ENB by ZeroKing

·        Initial D-N-I separation code and GUI implementation by –JawZ–

·        Kinematic Filter code (formerly known as Old Black-White TV Filter) originally by Boris Vorontsov

·        Kinematic Filter code tweaked by Trillville, Midhras, Kyokushinoyama, Insomnia

·        Luma Sharpen code by, ported from SweetFX by ZeroKing, tweaked by prod80

·        Blur, Sharpening, Color Shift, Vignette code by Boris Vorontsov

·        Contrastand Vibrance code by, ported from SweetFX by ZeroKing

·        Noise code by MTichenor/IndigoNeko

·        Dithering, Border, Splitscreen code by, ported from SweetFX by Marty McFly

·        Letterbox code by Matso

·        Combined, edited, tweaked and arranged by Miratheus


Enbhelper by Alexander Blade


SMAA Files by Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria, Belen Masia, Fernando Navarro, Diego Gutierrez.



All Authors for their great work


·        Boris Vorontsov

·        Soulwynd

·        Marty McFly

·        Rudy102

·        Kingeric1992

·        Mangaclub

·        Kermles

·        Veeblix

·        ZeroKing

·        JawZ

·        Trillville

·        Alexander Blade

·        Midhras

·        Kyokushinoyama

·        Insomnia

·        prod80


·        MTichenor

·        IndigoNeko

·        Matso

·        Miratheus

·        Jorge Jimenez

·        Jose I. Echevarria

·        Belen Masia

·        Fernando Navarro

·        Diego Gutierrez


If Ihave forgotten someone I will add immediately and gladly.

and as usual…

Coffee – a lot of coffee

DeepL Translator – my english is …

and an endlessly patient wife !

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