Northern Grass

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[/font][font=Trebuchet MS]DESCRIPTION

Northern Grass adds unique, lush and beautiful grasses that maintain a cold aesthetic and fit greatly with the climate of Skyrim. Built from the original Unbelievable Grass Two, it adds various other immersive and cold looking grasses for a unique and beautiful result. If you want your Skyrim to look cold, this is the mod for you.


1. Download with your chosen mod manager (NMM or MO)

2. Install the file (yes to all when overwriting)

3. Enjoy 🙂 


[/font][font=Trebuchet MS]This mod offers lush grass while maintaining good performance, but if you want better performance you can always tweak the grass density to be lower.

1. Find your Skyrim.ini

2. Look for iMinGrassSize=xx and set it to a different value. I use 60, but higher value = more fps, less density, lower value = less fps, higher density (For potato PCs you can even go as high as 100, but I wouldn’t recommend going below 40 even for the most powerful of rigs. 

3. Save and exit the .ini

I personally have an RTX 2060 card and I get 60fps at 60 density – use that as a guideline if you wish to do so

[/font][font=Trebuchet MS]CREDITS

Big thanks to alpinehunter, who’s (now hidden) mod Unbelievable Grass Two mod was used as a base. 

Thanks to Vurt, preeum and others who’s assets were used in the creation of this mod.

Anyone who’s assets were used can contact me if they want them removed from the mod and we can figure something out.

[/font]If you like the mod, don’t forget to endorse and post any beautiful screenshots you take with it <3

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