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 Nova was born a outcast in a small village due to the fact she is half Khajiit and half Nord. She left home at a young age. She made her way to Whiterun, working odd jobs and stealing when she had to. Cold and hungry, she was begging in the town square. That is where Gerda , a maid in Dragonreach, found her. She took petty on Nova and took her in, got her a job doing chores around Dragonreach and a place to sleep. She spends her days cleaning and caring for the Jarls kids and her nights dancing and gazing out at the night sky, on the Great porch of Dragonreach . Just recently, a stranger came to Whiterun , what did the Jarl call them ? Dragonborn ? It doesn’t matter, a fire was lite in her soul and they are all she can think of . Come Dovahkiin , you know you want to. Why fight it .

Location – Dragonreach

Race – Half Nord, half Khajiit

Height – 100  Weight – 100

Class – sword dancer

Voice type – Female Sultry

Gear – a dagger and simple clothing , you have to outfit her for adventuring .

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