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In vanilla, NPC health is calculated as follows:

    [*]They get a starting value according to their race.

    [*]They get a health increase per level, the magnitude of which is determined by their class (just like the player can choose to increase health on level up).

    [*]The get an extra 5 hp per level.

    [*]Many NPCs get additional “bonus” health.

While individually these seem reasonable, collectively they turn enemies into damage sponges. So while a level 1 draugr might have 100hp, a level 30 draugr can have over 1500hp making it a chore to kill, even for highly skilled characters. The NPC Stat Rescaler allows you to change this:

    [*]Racial starting health, if over 100, is scaled down. The scaling factor is configurable in the patcher, but defaults to 3.

    [*]NPC classes can be biased away from health and towards magicka/stamina by multiplying the magicka/stamina weights by a scaling factor. The default value is 1, which leaves classes as vanilla, but you may wish to increase it as vanilla classes lean quite heavily into health.

    [*]You can change how much extra hp NPCs get per level. The patcher default is 0 which means enemies level just like the player.

    [*]NPC “bonus” health is multiplied by a scaling factor. Default is 0.2, this means some NPCs do get some bonus health, but not nearly as much as in vanilla.

The overall effect is that low level enemies are quite frail, while mid- and high-level enemies are tough, but not tanky, particularly those who specialize in magic. This makes combat much faster. High-level enemies remain dangerous, but mostly because of their offenses, not because you have to spend ages wearing them down.


NPC magicka pools are more reasonable than their hp, but what is less reasonable is their magicka regen. Most magic-oriented enemies have a magicka regen rate of 10%/sec, which means that even if they run totally dry, after a 10 second lull in combat they get all their magicka back (NPCs don’t get a combat penalty to magicka regen either). This makes it impossible to play defensively against a mage by running their magicka down and striking when they are out. The NPC Stat Rescaler allows you to change this:

    [*]Racial magica regen over 3%/sec is divided by a scaling factor. This value defaults to 3.


1. Download the patcher

– Download it anywhere, not necessarily your Skyrim directory.

2. Install zEdit

– Download, and install zEdit.

3. Add the patcher to zEdit

– Open zEdit.

– In the top right is a button that looks like 3 little cubes, click it and it will show a list of currently installed patchers.

– Click to install a new patcher. Navigate to where you downloaded the patcher and select it.

– Restart zEdit.

4. Configure the patcher

– In the top right of zEdit is a button that looks like a jigsaw piece. Click it to bring up a list of your installed patchers.

– On the left is a list of which patchers have config options. Adjust the config options as follows:

    [*]Class scale factor affects the weight classes put on magicka/stamina. Higher values put more weight on stamina/magicka and so decrease how much enemy health increases per level (default=1).

    [*]NPC health offset mult scales NPC “bonus” health (default=0.2).

    [*]NPC health bonus per level determines how much extra health NPCs get per level (default=0).

    [*]Racial starting health scale affects how much baseline health races provide. Higher values decrease racial health baselines over 100 (default=3).

    [*]Magicka Regen Scale affects NPC magicka regeneration by reducing regen rates over 3%/sec (default=3).

5. Run the patcher

– Load your full load order.

– In the top right is a button that looks like a jigsaw puzzle, click it to see a list of installed patchers.

– Build the patch you want, it takes about 30s.

– Once the patcher is complete exit zEdit, saving the created esp.


Being a patcher this mod is compatible with everything, it will simply overwrite whatever your load order is.

Future plans

I am open to user suggestions for other stats to tweak and so on. I am particularly interested to hear general impressions about how this changes gameplay.

Synergistic Mods

This mod is pretty much a standalone, but you’ll see its effects very clearly if you use display enemy level which shows the numeric value of enemy health. I also built it in response to playing with a deleveled world as I found high level areas were totally off limits as there enemies therein were all damage sponges, with this mod high level areas are still noticeably harder than low level areas, but they’re more accessible to a well prepared player.


Thanks to r/skyrimmods for feedback and discussion on an earlier version of this mod.

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