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[font=Impact]Nutcase Compound[/font]

[font=Impact]Welcome to Nutcase Compound[/font][font=Impact][font=Century Gothic][font=Impact] this house is a player house and it has four bedroom a

Master bedroom  two follower’s bedroom and both the followers bedroom and a bed room

for you housecarl and this house comes with 15 follower and one of the follower is your housecar and it come with four Merchants a Black Smith and a Alchemists and two Merchants this house does have a worship room and a Mine and this house has a armory a library this house is free but you will need to get the keys witch are in the Temple of Miraak in the first big

room in a dead Draugr on the table when you first come into the room and to get to the

Compound you will need to get on a boat witch is next to the icewater Jetty boat so [/font]
[/size][/font][/size]enjoy your new home and  [/size][/font][font=Impact]if there is any problems with this mod tell me so I can fix it[/size][/font][font=Impact] and[/size][/color][/font] [font=Impact]I will not tolerate anyone who uploads this mod in any way shape or form for any reason those sites includes steam nexus or anyother site that has skyrim mods on it.


[font=Impact][font=Georgia]Credit to the Author who made the Resources I used




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