Octavia Vampire Follower

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Octavia is a half vampire Spellsword based on my preset here and put together by IndolentCat.  She can be found by getting inside of Haemar’s Shame, if unsure, follow Barbas. She uses her own drain spells, and has a special one handed weapon that also drains, from here with included weapon animated enchant. She bites sometimes and becomes bats when in low health.


    [*]Her body is a UUNP preset made by me as well as her outfit is fit to that. Using Draconic leather armor. Original found here.

    [*]She’s marriageable.

    [*]She should use better magic as she levels up. 

    [*]Comes in two versions one with war paint , one without. 

Recommendations and Tools

    [*]FLP and/or EFF to teach her more spells if needed.

Tools used: Outfit Studio, NIFSkope, GIMP/Paint.net, TES5Edit. 


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