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[*]Changes Leather Armor to look like brown TG Armor.

[*]All official TG pieces are now the black version.

[*]If you meet a Thief in the wilds of Skyrim, they will no longer be wearing ‘TG Armor’, but will be wearing the new ‘Leather Armor’ instead, so you can also now loot their Armor.

[*]New TG Boots enchantment – 25% better sneaking, 50% for improved boots.

[*]New TG Bracers enchantment – 15% better Lockpicking and Pickpocket, 25% for improved Bracers.

[*]Guild Master enchantments are the same as the improved armor.

[*]Mercer’s armor can now be taken.

[*]NG Armor no longer has leveled enchantments.

[*]NG Hood now has enchantment of ‘Illusion spells cost 25% less’.

[*]NG Gloves now has enchantment of ‘Pickpocket and Lockpicking are 25% easier’ (more lore friendly, thief based enchantment).

[*]NG Cuirass now has enchantment of ‘Stamina increased by 25. Increased Shock Resistance by 25%’ (NG armor is tempered with Void Salts so it makes sense that it would resist shock).

[*]Armor can now be disenchanted.

[*]Armor can now be sold.

If you have any TG related Armor on, please un-equip and re-equip for the new enchantments to take effect. This is because Skyrim’s engine has problems recognizing new enchantments if an item is already active.

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