Olrun Nord Female RM Preset

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First mod so if something goes wrong I’ll try to fix it, This is Olrun(old norse version of Alraune) my current character, This preset uses very few mods so how it will look will depend entirely on your mods.

Mods Used:

    [*]SG Texture Renewal


    [*]SC – The Witcher 3 Hairdos

    [*]Mikan Eyes

    [*]FalmerBane’s Beauty Marks

    [*]HN66 Long Eye Lashes

Preset Mod Credits

Hvergelmer for his Brows mod, I absolutely love the Upturned Eyebrows.

Nerune2525 for Mikan Eyes, I like the Ice Blue eye with the small hint of shading. 

Hellosanta for SG Female Texture Renewal, lets just accept that this is the best texture for cbbe based bodies.

ShinglesCat for SC The Witcher 3 Hairdos aka the mod with the best short slick back hair.

FalmersBane for Beauty Marks that are actually noticeable.

Humannature66 for HN66 Long Eye Lashes, never liked how short the vanilla eyelashes were.

Mods in Screenshots credit

Realistic Hair Colors by Redprincess79

CHSBHC BBP Nude & Jiggly by CherryHotaling

TERA Armors Collection – Male and UNP Female by Asianboy345

TERA Armors Collection – Male and CHSBHC Female by Golgappa

Dragonslayer Bows and Siege Arrows by skibadaa

Pretty Female Idles by Dualsun

Purity 2018 Realism by Laast

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98353

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