Oriental swordmanship redux – Akavir Martial art

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Akavir Martial art

-Oriental swordmanship redux-
contents :

1. One-handed attack animations (normal , while running rightleft, backstep, sprint, walk as well)

2.  One-handed run, block, (staggering)recoil animations

note: no idle animation, drawing, sheathing sword animation included.
Description Hi, here is new 1handed swordmanship. I might consider it as Orientalswordmanship Rredux mode, I just quit motion works for a long time according to my modeling job and I am back for some new animations. 

I did a little study for the flow of attack and the footstep of the moveset so it will be bit joyful compare to old mod.

Moveset contains 1handed attack animations, recoil animation (which is staggering motion come out at the right time  you are blocked by foes ) yes, your blocked motions usually came out from vanilla motions so it didn’t matched with altered motions before  but now  I also add new recoil motions so to be not weird. 




1. manual install

1.Unzip the file and you will find the ‘data’ folder.

paste it(including contents) on proper ‘data’ route in your game folder.

if you are using other attack animations than overwrite it.

2.run FNIS (find requirement section) to prevent the glitch 

2.  NMM
1. just install it in the same way you did

2. run FNIS (find requirement section) to prevent the glitch 


Fores New Idles in Skyrim – FNIS 



-player only use this martial art by the mod

Weapon parry standalone

-you can parry while wielding your weapon

Q & A

1. Q: Do other one handed weapon like 1h axe, stick share the motions?

A: Yes, so it might be quite weird when you use other weapon, these new motions look natural when you use curved sword or blade. if you do not want

to be in that situation I might recommend mod named PCEA2 above.

2. Q: Succeed to install it, but now player is wielding too slow or seems footstep is bit slippy, whatever it is, not like the video.

A : By default, wielding speed might be slower than the video, it is normal, but you can speed up the weaponspeed simply by console command

press ~ button and type : player.forceav weaponspeedmult 1.4 and then enter to adjust the speed 1.4 (default is 1)

And…..about slippy footstep, if you change the parameter of running speed by some other mod so your speed is bit slow, it might look slippy. but in the vanilla speed not much slippier I guess. I will trim a bit more for that. However if you can’t wait for it, there is also console command to fix it.

press ~ button and type: player.forceav speedmult 150  

it might boost your character’s speed. have fun

for extra question,

Add comments pls,


for about credit

No modification allowed for commercial applications.

Don’t use motion sources in the contents without my permission please. 

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99663

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